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Office of Project Management & Procurement
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Office of Project Management & Procurement

The key aims of the Office of Project Management & Procurement are to:

  • Ensure transparency, fairness and integrity in all procurement matters;
  • Provide advice, guidance and training to Departments and Ministries on all project management and procurement matters;
  • Ensure consistency of approach to project management & procurement;
  • Monitor compliance with Government procurement rules and associated policies and procedures;
  • Undertake the contracting for goods and services that are used across Government e.g. furniture, photocopiers, paper etc;
  • Provide professional project management and support for capital projects; and
  • Improve value for money and identify/implement cost saving initiatives.
General Information      


OPMP provides oversight, guidance and support to Government Departments regarding procurement processes and contracting activities.  OPMP helps to ensure that processes for tendering and selecting qualified vendors are transparent and consistent with international standards and best practices.  OPMP also helps to ensure that all businesses have an equal opportunity to obtain government contracts to provide goods and services.  Additionally, OPMP is a service organization that assists departments with capital projects by providing professional project management and support services.


Procurement Notices

There may be business opportunities for your company to provide goods or services to the Government of Bermuda, either through a direct contract or by becoming a subcontractor. These opportunities can now be found under “Current Procurement Notices”.

Each procurement notice will have:

  • A short description of what the buyer wants and other relevant information;

  • Details of the deadline for responding;

  • Details of who to contact or where to find further information; and

  • Downloadable copies of the solicitation documents, e.g. Request for Tender or Request for Proposal.

The procurement notice board also has details on Government opportunities where the submission deadline has passed.  These are listed under “Closed Procurement Notices”. 


Media Enquiries        

Members of the media who have inquiries on any item posted here are invited to contact a Public Affairs Officer at the Department of Communication and Information.

General Telephone: 1.441.292.5998

General Fax: 1.441.295.5267

General Email:  



Public Procurement Process

  • The Procurement and Tendering Process
  • Statement of Work  


Current Procurement Notices

  Open: 11 July 2014

Request for Proposal: Replacement of Boiler Screen Tubes

Project No.: 31/355/77/XX

Executive Summary:

You are invited in conjunction with others to submit a competitive bid for the above mentioned work; we hereby enclose the following documents on which your bid should be based:

This Tender Package includes the following documents:

  • Notice of Intent to Respond
  • Instruction to Bidders (Section 1 – 11 pages)
  • Scope of Work (Section 2 - 4 pages)
    • General Notes, Specification & Schedules
  • Form of Tender (Section 3 - 9 pages)
    • Form of Tender
    • Appendix to Form of Tender
    • Contractor Information Form
    • Company Information Form
    • Certificate of Confirmation of Non-Collusion
    • Tender Price Breakdown
    • Attachment 'G' – Tender Price Breakdown
    • Acknowledgment Letter of Standard Form of Agreement
  • Drawings: Assembly Drawing of Pressure Parts 1 (321-779), Assembly Drawing of Pressure Parts 2 (321-780), Connection Tube (3 0089 323-1869/ 22-24), Header Drawing (323-1856), Header Specification Reference ( 3 0069), Header Weld Details (320-535), Header Weld Details (320-572)
  • Contract Documents: (sample draft for reference/information only)

PROJECT TENTATIVE SCHEDULE DATES - Boiler Unit # 2 – November 7, 2014 Boiler Unit #1– November 15, 2014

Related Documents

Open: 26 June 2014

RFP Name: Provision of Maintenance Work of Bermuda Railway Trail

Executive Summary: You are formally invited to submit a response to the tender for the provision of maintenance works to the Bermuda Railway Trail (four sections – two eastern & two western). It is the bidder’s responsibilities to read the entire tender and comply with all requirements herein.

DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT OF BIDS – Friday, July 18th 3 p.m. Department of Parks office located at the Bermuda Botanical Gardens, 169 South Road, Paget.

Related Documents:

  • Instructions to Bidders  
  • Railway Trail Brochure Map
  • Tender advertisement