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The Governor of Bermuda is appointed by Her Majesty The Queen on the advice of the British Prime Minister.  He or she is responsible for the matters set out in the Bermuda Constitution, and for such other matters as The Queen, through her Ministers in London, assigns to him.

The Constitution reserves to the Governor responsibility for external affairs, defence (including the armed forces), internal security and the police, except insofar as he chooses to delegate.  The Governor is the Commander-in-Chief of the Bermuda Regiment; and is also responsible for certain public appointments. 

British Ministers expect Governors to ensure, in all the Overseas Territories, high standards of probity, governance and adherence to international obligations; and to protect key values, such as the independence of the judiciary, the political impartiality of the public service, and integrity in the administration of justice.  All Governors in the Overseas Territories are expected to work in close partnership with the locally elected Governments.


Appointed by the Governor in pursuance of instructions given by Her Majesty The Queen through a Secretary of State, the Deputy Governor acts as Governor during the Governor’s absences assuming his full constitutional and other responsibilities.

The Deputy Governor assists the Governor in the exercise of his functions relating to matters for which he is constitutionally responsible namely, the selection process for certain public appointments, external affairs, defence (including armed forces), internal security, and the police. In particular, the Deputy Governor chairs or is a member of various committees charged with work under these broad headings.

The Deputy Governor represents the Governor on the Emergency Measures Organization Executive Committee. The Deputy Governor also works with the Bermuda Government to ensure that a wide range of disaster and counter-terrorism plans are regularly exercised and updated as necessary.

As a member of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), the Deputy Governor is also responsible to the Governor for ensuring that Bermuda meets the international obligations which the UK has assumed on its behalf, such as in relation to marine, aviation, environment and human rights issues.



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