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The Ministry of Transport
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Transportation Planning Team  
The Transportation Planning Team (TPT) was created to oversee the development of the National Transportation Management Report. The production of that report – unveiled publicly on January 24th 2002 – marked a significant day in the history of transportation planning in Bermuda.


Primary objectives include:

  • Develop meaningful transportation choices as alternatives to the private car.
  • Improve transportation options for visitors.
  • Use the waterways more effectively.
  • Create active participation in the planning process by those affected by the proposals; and
  • Review along with other Government departments and community groups, options for creating an integrated transportation system.


Since 2002 a number of the proposals contained in the National Transportation Report have been implemented. These include a total revamping of the ferry system, the development of a new mini-bus service in the West End, and improved integration between the bus and ferry systems. 


Also, we have introduced legislation to enable better management of our transportation resources, such as requiring vehicles imported to Bermuda to have emission controls and requiring seat belt use. 


The improvements made to the ferry system are of particular note, since the planning and implementation required close coordination between Transport, the Ministry of Works & Engineering and the general-public, who were consulted during the planning process. 


Two additional ferryboats will be delivered in summer 2004 which will enable further expansion of ferry service. The success of the ferry project has resulted in providing a viable public transport option for commuters as well as improving transportation for visitors.


The Transportation Planning Team also participates in the strategic planning of other Ministry initiatives, such as the Air Services Policy and other projects that require close coordination between Transport, other Government Ministries and the public. 


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