The Bermuda Drug Treatment Court

The Bermuda Drug Treatment Court Programme officially opened in October 2001. The Programme is a component and fore runner of the Alternatives To Incarceration Initiative, and its mission is to reduce the abuse of drugs and related criminal activity for referred clients. This is accomplished through comprehensive supervision, drug testing, treatment services as well as immediate sanctions and incentives.

How Does Drug Treatment Court Work?

The DTCP uses a team approach to meet the needs of the offender. This ensures consistency in judicial decision making and enhances the coordination of agencies and resources. Using a collaborative treatment, supervision and judicial approach, the team aims to promote positive behaviour and lifestyle change in the lives of addicted offenders charged with non-violent offences.

The Drug Treatment Court Team Composition:

  • The Magistrates’ Courts
  • The Department of Court Services
  • The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
  • Legal Aid/Defense Counsel
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Providers
  • The Bermuda Police Service

Who Is Eligible For Drug Treatment Court Programme?

Non-violent (as indicated by current or previous convictions) adult offenders, with substance abuse issues as determined by an Alcohol & Drug Assessment; who are able to be supervised in the community, as determined by a Social Inquiry Report. Participants must meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the Criminal Code Amendment Act 2001. Offenders admitted into the programme must complete all five phases. Phases 1-4 comprise the Case Management and Treatment phases and require a minimum of 365 days. Phase 5 is the maintenance phase which also lasts for 365 days. In essence, upon completion of the programme’s Phases, the offender is monitored for an additional year, after which time a certificate of successful completion is issued.