Our team strives to help our clients address their offending behaviour and gain meaningful work experience through supervised volunteer service.


What is a community service order?


A Community Service Order may be imposed by a Court for any offense which is punishable by imprisonment. Community Service is an alternative to incarceration, that allows for offenders to be supervised by a Community Service Officer, and perform unpaid work that benefits the local community.


The Court can impose between 40 and 1,000 hours of community service work, which must be completed within 18 months.


Community Service allows the offender the opportunity of completing their sentence, while continuing to live at home and maintaining their employment.


What kind of placement?


The type of work each client is expected to do varies, depending on individual needs; including skill level, experience, education and vocational interest. All individuals are assessed and assigned to individual or group placements accordingly. These placements have site-supervisors who monitor each client’s participation and compliance with their Community Service contract.


Where are clients placed? 


Community Service clients are carefully assessed and placed at work sites where they are best suited. Consideration is given to the clients’ education, work experience, interest and importantly, their risk levels. We also take into consideration the needs of the placement sites and work environment. Examples of placements sites include: Rest Homes, Churches, Schools, Parks, and other civic organizations.


What are community service clients responsible for?


Responsibility is an important component of the rehabilitative process. Therefore, Community Service Clients are Court mandated to comply with their Community Service Order. In particular, there are five conditions in their contract that the client must adhere to:


  • Arriving at the placement site as scheduled.
  • Reporting to the site supervisor upon arrival.
  • Complying with the instructions of the site supervisor regarding all work.
  • Informing their supervising Probation Officer, 24 hours in advance, of any problems that would hinder their scheduled work.
  • Meeting with their supervising officer as required.


Note: The client must produce a medical certificate if they miss two consecutive work assignments.


What is expected of placement sites?


Each placement site is required to have a site supervisor, to provide supervision, give instruction and verify that clients are fulfilling their community service in a satisfactory manner. In addition, the site supervisor is required to:


  • Sign a Community Service Order and Placement Agreement.
  • Report the client’s participation and compliance (or otherwise) to the supervising officer as scheduled.
  • Maintain client’s community service log sheet.
  • Complete the Supervisor’s Comments

Each client is required to complete at least five hours per week as a minimum.  Non-compliance is dealt with expediently.