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The Cabinet Office is at the heart of Government, providing services to Cabinet, the Premier and Ministers of the Government. The Cabinet Office also co-ordinates initiatives on cross cutting issues; and acts as the corporate headquarters for the Civil Service, providing services, advice and guidance for other government departments and by extension, to the wider public sector
DEPT - CPU - Reports
Report of the Bermuda Independence Commission
August 2005
Discussion Paper to Public Access to Information
July 2005
Quango Report - Part 1
Quango Report Part 2.pdf
Quango Report part 3.pdf
July 2004
House of Assembly Report
March 2004
Caricom Discussion Paper
July 2002
E-Government Report
March 2002
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About the CPU

The Civil Service Review, carried out in 1999, recommended the creation of a Central Policy Unit to enable the administration to address more effectively issues that crossed the boundaries of individual Ministries in an effort to “join up” government.


The aim of the CPU is:

 “To contribute to the delivery of better policy-making and thereby to improve the economic and social well-being of Bermuda.”


Its main responsibilities are:

  • To improve the co-ordination of policy across Ministries to deliver the Government’s platform objectives more effectively. 

  • To assist Ministries to gain a long-term, strategic view of challenges in their policy areas.

  • To identify key cross-cutting policy challenges for Bermuda and ensure that these are addressed. 

  • To undertake and oversee projects to determine policy responses to cross-cutting issues. 

  • To develop a network of Policy Analysts in Ministries to facilitate joined-up policy-making and to help bring on new talent. 

  • To draw on international best practice in policy co-ordination and strategic planning. 

  • To encourage innovation and creativity in policy making and service delivery.

The Secondment Programme  

The Secondment Program is a professional development opportunity where civil servants can spend a six month period working as policy analysts within the Central Policy Unit.  Secondees are determined based on CPU requirements, support from a civil servant’s home Ministry and merit.  Selected secondees undertake research and analysis work in support of policy formulation, and assist in the development and provision of policy advice to the Secretary to the Cabinet, and Government Ministries and Departments.  Work as a policy analyst requires the use of analytical savvy to develop various policy options and to ensure that they are presented in a clear and concise manner.  The position also involves consultation, the preparation of briefing notes and position papers, as well as the preparation of terms of reference for small projects. While secondees provide an additional resource to the CPU team, it is also expected that they transfer gained knowledge to their substantive Departments upon their return.



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Physical Address:

The Cabinet Building

105 Front Street

Hamilton, HM 12


Phone:  (441) 296-5501


Fax:  (441) 296-0555



Key Contacts:

Kimberley McKeown



Marisa Sharpe

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